Migration FAQs: Switching to clickbooq's new, low cost plans for Existing Users

This purpose of this article is to point out the differences between the new, low-cost plans and the legacy (pre-June 2011) plans they are replacing. If you signed up after June 2011, this article will not apply to you.

Introducing clickbooq's new, low-cost "hybrid" plans:

We’ve taken our innovative website management platform and trimmed it down to make clickbooq even more affordable than ever. At only $29 per month or $288 per year ($24/month), all creative professionals from photographers to architects to makeup artists and videographers can build a unique, professionally designed website using our full-featured and easy-to-use service.

Many of our users are using Google Apps for their email and only occasionally use FTP. For most users, a low-cost plan without these unused features makes sense for them, and that’s why we created the “hybrid” plans and pricing. We'll refer to them as "hybrid" for the purpose of this article to help differentiate the new plans from the old ones they are replacing. Hybrid also refers to how the new plans are hosted:

About this Document

This purpose of this document is to point out the differences between the new, low-cost plans and the “legacy” (pre-June 2011) plans they are replacing. This document will walk you through frequently asked questions as you consider switching to the new plan, as well as the steps you will need to take prior to changing your plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

The new prices are great! Will I get the new pricing automatically?

No, you will not be automatically changed to the new plans or pricing. Please read this FAQ in its entirety to understand the differences in the plans and the steps you must complete before requesting a plan change.

I’m an existing user. Do I Have to Switch To The New Plan?

No, you do not have to switch. All of our existing users are grandfathered into their current plans and pricing. Your rates will not change if you choose to continue on your current service plan.

What is the difference between the original “legacy” plans and the new , lower-cost "hybrid" plans?

“Hybrid” Plans will not have:

  • FTP access: There is no access to upload !les to an FTP directory associated with your domain i.e. http://yourdoamin.com/galleries/samantha/.
  • Hosted WordPress blogs on your domain, i.e. http://yourdomain.com/blog. Blogs will only be supported on a subdomain through a 3rd party host, i.e. http://blog.yourdomain.com
  • Custom Favicon and Editable Terms are not supported at this time
  • Hosted Email services. Domain-associated email (i.e. username@yourdomain.com) can be provided through Google Apps or a 3rd party hosting service of your choice (an included service with many providers).
  • Splash pages are not supported under the new “hybrid” plans.


What happens to my current plan when I switch?

Annual Plan subscribers: We will offer you a $49 service credit for each FULL remaining month left on your current subscription (possibly less if you used a promotional offer at signup).  So, if you have 3.5 months to go before your annual subscription renews, you will be credited $49 x 3 months, for a total of $147 towards continued service on the new "hybrid" plan.

Monthly Plan subscribers: You can make the switch at any time, but we do not provide service credit for partial months of service. Once you’ve completed the switch process, the new pricing will be invoiced on your next monthly renewal date.

One-Time users who decide to switch will be offered a reduced annual hosting rate of $49. A credit based on your last renewal rate will be issued to your account for each full month remaining on your hosting plan once your switch is complete.

What about FTP or email?

In order to keep our pricing low, our new “hybrid” plans do not include domain-associated email or FTP services. Fortunately, there are many services which provide free services for FTP or email. If you find that you only upload a few files, you can probably use a service like DropBox (free). It’s great for uploading files such as price lists or your resume or even hosting simple Web galleries.

Of course, if you sign up with a 3rd party hosting service, they will also offer FTP and Email as part of their included services. Ideally, your FTP should be created on a subdomain of your primary domain, such as clients.yourdomain.com or ftp.yourdomain.com, etc. You would then upload your files to your subdomain account of your new hosting provider.

Read the section below Alternatives for FTP, Blogs, and Email for more information on email service alternatives.

What about Hosting for my existing Wordpress blog?

If you have an existing Wordpress blog that is hosted by clickbooq that you wish to keep, you must migrate it to a new host under the new plan. Your blog address will also change: it can no longer be part of your domain, i.e. yourdoman.com/blog. Instead, most users will migrate their blog to a subdomain of their primary domain, i.e. blog.yourdomain.com, or you can also register a new domain such as yourdomainblog.com and migrate your blog to that address.

Most hosting providers offer easy, 1-click Wordpress installation that makes setting up your new blog very easy. Once it has been installed, you can begin migrating your existing blog content to your new Host.

Please read the following support article for detailed instructions on migrating your blog to a subdomain with another host:

Migrate your clickbooq-hosted Wordpress blog to a NEW hosting provider

How do I find a new web host?

We’ve found some great hosting providers with proven track records and excellent 24/7 customer support and network reliability. They cost between $5-7/month based on an Annual term. All of them offer excellent uptime, unlimited disk space and easy 1-click installations for platforms such as Wordpress.

See our Hosting Partners and special offers

What if I don’t need FTP or a blog (or email)?

If you don’t need a hosted blog or have found other (free) solutions for your email and FTP services, then you don’t need an additional hosting provider and will not incur any additional costs beyond our plan pricing. You’re good to go!

How do I change plans?

Once you have read through this documentation and are already to make the switch, you can submit the “Request to Switch” form.  Before submitting this request, please ensure you have completed the following items so your account has been properly backed up and prepared for the switch:

  • Do you have a clickbooq-hosted Wordpress blog? You will need to migrate it to a new host if you want to maintain it.

    Migrate your clickbooq-hosted Wordpress blog to a NEW hosting provider

  • Do you have files you wish to save in your clickbooq FTP directory? You will need to download any files you wish to save to your computer.
  • How will you handle your email? Do you want to sign up and use Google Apps? Or will you set up email with another host, or use a free email service like Yahoo or Gmail? All email accounts will be deleted upon migration completion, so be sure to download any emails to your desktop email program.

    Using Google Apps for Email Services


Alternatives for FTP, Blogs, and Email

Email Services

With the new plan, you will no longer have hosted email through clickbooq. If you would like to continue using emails associated with your domain name (i.e. “john@johnsmithphotography.com”), you have the option of using a paid service through Google, adding email service through your domain registrar, or getting a new third party hosting account that offers hosted email as part of their service.

Email services can be provided through your domain registrar directly – contact them to add this service for your domain for a nominal fee. Some registrars, such as Godaddy offer free email service with domain registration.

You can also sign up for Google Apps – a service provided by Google which allows you to use their popular Gmail service and associate it with your own custom domain name at a cost of $5/month. Google Apps allows you to associate your own domain name with Gmail, so you can maintain a professional appearance in all of your correspondence. Plus, it’s accessible from any online browser and works great with all mobile devices.

Other Free email services for associating your custom domain name include Zoho Mail - Lite (up to10 users and 5GBs/inbox).

Google Apps™ is a service provided by Google and allows you to use Gmail for your email and associate it with your own domain. To get started using Gmail, you will need to complete the following: 

  1. Sign up for Google Apps Business Edition
  2. Verify ownership of your domain.

    As a legacy user, you have FTP access through clickbooq and should use the HTML File Upload method to verify domain ownership:

    Verify with HTML File Upload method

  3. After your domain has been verified, complete the setup steps for Google Apps to replicate any existing email accounts with their service.

To create email forwards for your existing clickbooq-hosted email accounts, please review:

Creating Email Forwards for your clickbooq-hosted email accounts

Once you have completed the setup guide, you will need to
change your nameservers back to your domain registrar so that you can make the final MX record changes to switch your email service to Gmail.


There are some free alternatives for FTP storage, if you decide you do not want to sign up for a new hosting account from a 3rd party hosting provider.

If you only need to post a few files or galleries, you can actually use DropBox, a free cloud-based file storage and synchronization service. The Free account gets up to 2GB of storage space, more than enough for most user's needs. The files are also directly linkable (clickable), and you can even use it for hosting galleries or mini websites.


Popular, free, hosted blogging platforms include WordPress.com, Blogger.com, And Tumblr.com.


Making the Switch

Changing your nameservers back to your registrar (or a new hosting provider)

Changing your nameservers is required so that you can complete the switch.

If you are using free or alternative services for your email or blog hosting, etc. you will most likely change your nameservers to revert back to your original domain registrar. Your registrar can usually make the changes for you if you need help.

Changing your nameservers back to your original domain registrar

If you have signed up with a 3rd party hosting provider to provide services for FTP or a hosted blog, you will update your nameservers to point to your new host. The new host’s nameserver information is usually found in their Welcome email. They can also make the changes for you if you need help. 

Changing your nameservers to use a 3rd party hosting service

At this time, if you want to
use Google Apps for your email, you can now make the required MX Record changes to get your email services working:


Note: Updating your nameservers (a DNS change) can take 24-48 hours to complete.

clickbooq-registered domains

If you purchased your domain name through clickbooq at signup, you can access your domain control panel to change your nameservers and other DNS host records as needed.

Please submit a support ticket requesting access to your domain and we will send you your account access details. Alternatively, you can instruct us to make any changes for you; just detail what you are trying to do so we get it right the first time!

Pointing your domain to your clickbooq website (Pointing A-Records)

Once you have updated your nameserver’s as outlined above, you can make the final changes to point your domain’s “A-Records” to our server IP so that your clickbooq website will resolve to our servers. You will need to change your domain’s “A-Records” to point to our server IP address:

Where to make these changes:

The A-record changes must be made at the service where your nameservers are being directed to (i.e. your domain registrar or 3rd party host). Please see the above section to determine where your nameservers are currently being directed.

How to point your A-Records to our server IP address:

  1. Log into your hosting or domain registrar's control panel for your domain.
  2. Create a new Host A-record and name it "@". For the IP address, enter:
    (If "@" already exists, you simply need to edit the IP address that's already there.)
  3. Next, create a CNAME alias and label it 'www' for the subdomain ('www' may already exist also). For the "Points to (Host)" value, enter "@".

    If your control panel doesn’t allow the Point to (host) ‘@’ value, try entering your domain, followed by a period (i.e. yourdomain.com

    Note: the non-www refers to the entry for your domain that doesn't contain any value, i.e. http://yourdomainname.com, whereas www refers to the http://www.yourdomainname.com entry. You need to point both, otherwise your website will only resolve to our servers when entered that one way into browser. Some registrars such as GoDaddy point www to '@', and '@' points to the IP address, so the only change you need to make is to the '@' entry.

    For an illustrated guide to making these changes at GoDaddy, click here.

Allow up to 48 hours for the changes to propagate through DNS and then your domain name will begin to resolve to our servers.

Need help?

If you need assistance with this process, you have two options: 1) contact your domain registrar’s (or hosting provider) support team and they can make the changes for you, or 2) provide us with the appropriate login information to one of our support specialists when submitting your Request to Switch form.

Submit Request to Switch

Now that you have completed all the steps necessary to switch your plan, please complete the Request to Switch form so we can process your account transition to the new plan and pricing. Please note: once we receive this information and have completed your plan change, your hosted email accounts, files in FTP storage, and blog will all be permanently deleted, so make sure you have backed up everything you want to save before submitting the switch form.

Submit the online Request form here: http://clickbooq.com/switchrequest.php


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