Alternatives for Hosting Services (Email, FTP, and Blogs)

What's included with clickbooq hosting?

clickbooq hosting includes the serving of ALL content related to your website, such as: images, media (music and videos), design elements (patterns and backgrounds), and lightboxes created within our application. In a nutshell, if it's required to view your website, we provide the hosting for it as part of your service fees.



Email services can be provided through your domain registrar directly – contact them to add this service for your domain for a nominal fee. Some registrars, such as Godaddy offer free email service with domain registration.

You can also sign up for Google Apps – a service provided by Google which allows you to use their popular Gmail service and associate it with your own custom domain name at a cost of $5/month.

Other Free email services for associating your custom domain name include Zoho Mail - Lite (up to 3 users and 5GBs/inbox) and the new Outlook Live from Microsoft.

What about FTP or Blogs ? What are my alternatives?


FTP is useful for posting files online. These files can be a PDF of your pricing list, or perhaps an exported gallery or slideshow from Lightroom or Photoshop.

If you only need to post a few files or galleries, you can actually use DropBox, a free cloud-based file storage and syncronization service. The Free account gets up to 2GB of storage space, more than enough for most user's needs. The files are also directly linkable (clickable).

Click here to sign up for a free 2GB DropBox account

Wordpress and blogs

Wordpress offers free hosting for their popular blogging platform. For many users, this is a great way to start a blog without any additional expense. You can even associate your blog to your own custom domain name, such as

*Note: Blogs hosted by do not offer full access to upload all themes or plugins you may want to use. For unrestricted access, you'll need your own hosting service and have your blog set up under a subdomain.

Explore the features and sign up for a free Wordpress blog

Other free and popular alternatives include Blogger (by Google) and Tumblr.


What if I need more than these free services can offer me?

If you find that you require more flexibility than these free services offer, you're more than welcome to obtain your own hosting provider and use it in conjunction with our services. For a list of recommended hosting providers, please click here.


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